Paper Tubes for Spectacles

Apapertube was established in 2002 in Shenzhen, China and has extensive experience in the field of cardboard gift boxes. Apapertube company’s primary specialty is custom paper printed boxes, cardboard gift boxes, corrugated printed boxes, round gift boxes, jewelry boxes, food boxes, electronic packing boxes, cosmetic paper boxes, flower boxes, rigid paper boxes, and custom paper bags. In addition, we provide a complete range of packaging solutions. Apapertube has a complete set of printing and post-printing processing machines imported from Germany, including Heidelberg offset printers, die-cutting machines, hot stamping machines, UV coating machines, a laminator, and more.

What is a Paper Tube?

Paper tubes, commonly referred to as cardboard tubes, are cylinder-shaped cardboard tubes. Paper tubes are made up of multiple layers of paper or paperboard that are coiled together to form a tough, hollow, and cylindrical shape. Adhesives are used to laminate or glue the paper layers together. Paper tubes are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes. Paper tubes are made from wood pulp in the form of recycled paper, paperboard, paper-adhesive composites, cardboard, Kraft paper, waterproof/water-resistant cardboard, and fiberboard.

Paper Tubes for Spectacles

Paper tubes are an ideal packaging solution for eye wear. Hard packaging is required for eyeglasses to protect them from impact and damage during transport. The Kraft tube box is made of a durable cardboard rolling paperboard core with finely printed kraft paper on top. It is powerful and long-lasting, and it can effectively preserve the inner products. Kraft tube packaging is substantially lighter than standard iron glassware boxes, making it easier for customers to transport or fit into bags.

Advantages of Paper Tubes

Food processing, automobile production, textile, material handling, construction, shipping and postal service, packaging, horticulture, healthcare, pulp and paper, mechanics, and art are a few of the industries that use paper tubes. Paper tubes provide several advantages, including flexibility and strength:

  1. The tube’s cylindrical design allows it to hold materials that should not be folded, such as posters, maps, and artwork.
  2. They are readily reused and recycled, making them environmentally friendly.

III. Paper tubes are a cost-effective alternative to other materials such as metal, glass, plastic, or wood since they are recyclable.

  1. As opposed to most other materials, cardboard is easy to cut, purchase, and dispose of.
  2. Since heavy-duty cardboard tubes are less prone to denting and breaking, they’re suitable for high-impact mailing and shipping applications.

Paper Tube Types Offered by CBP

1. Paper Cores

Paper cores offer structural support to products such as paper towels, toilet paper, coin banks, electrical wires, rolls of fabric, and grease cartridges that are used for automotive and mechanical applications. CBP’s round packaging box is ideal for electrical wires, phone chargers, and travel accessories.

2. Kraft Tubes

A Kraft tube is made of high-quality Kraft paper. They have high resilience and can withstand the stress and pressure that comes with transit and transport services. They are suitable for use as postal tubes and other kinds of tubing in shipping and packing.

3. Paper Cans

Paper cans are commonly used to package items such as cosmetics and food such as chips. The CBP standard perfume gift box is made up of 2mm cardboard and printed paper with size W20xD40xH15. It can also be customized on demand.

Paper Tubes for Spectacles

Other Paper Tube Products

Candle Gift Boxes

A Candle Gift Box is a round paper tube packaging. Clients have the option to add a logo to the body by printing it or hot stamping it in silver or gold.

Jewelry Carrying Cases

CBP also supplies jewelry carrying cases that can be customized. These are also available at wholesale prices.

Customized Logo Services

CBP can personalize craft boxes by printing a company’s logo and other artwork. Gold foil, spot UV, embossing, silver foil stamp, glossy/matte varnishing, debossing, and other techniques are used to finish the logo. Hot stamp foil and spot UV are the most frequently used techniques.

How to Order?

Before placing an order, please check the product list and note the ones you require. On request, CBP will send a quote sheet with your preferred styles and shipping costs to your home or unloading port.

How Does Shipment Work?

We offer door-to-door delivery throughout North America and Europe. These services have minimum order quantities. At the very least, the shipping company requires 100kg weight. Please contact one of our sales representatives to have the cost of delivery calculated for you.

Is There Any Discount for Duplicated Orders?

We send an electronic or paper coupon with delivered products to lower purchase costs for future orders.

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