Printing Services

We offer a wide range of packaging services for delivery by air and freight. All step are intended to ship safely.

Different printing for different requirements

Printing services

Digital Printing

Digital printing, also known as short-run printing or digital printing, is different from traditional printing in that digital fast printing can be printed one by one, the data can be changed, and the graphics and text can be transmitted in various media, which greatly improves the performance of digital imaging. Commercial application scope. Digital fast printing is a new type of printing technology that uses the pre-press system to directly transmit graphic information through the network to a digital printer to print color prints.

Printing services

The graphic part and the non-graphic part on the lithographic printing plate are almost on the same plane. During printing, in order to enable the ink to distinguish the graphic part from the non-graphic part of the printing plate, the water supply device of the printing plate part Water is supplied to the non-graphic part of the printing plate, thereby protecting the non-graphic part of the printing plate from being wetted by the ink. Then, the ink supply device of the printing part supplies ink to the printing plate. 

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