Cardboard Packaging Tubes Show Room

Here you could see the most custom paper tube we madeand also videos from different angles for your checking

Custom cardboard packaging tubes

2 Parts Structure

These are 2 parts to assemble the tube, lid and bottom. Bottom only a little short than lid of cylinder packaging boxes.

cardboard packaging tubes

3 Parts Structure of cylinder tube packaging

3 parts of this structure. Lid, bottom and middle tube. The length of middle tube is total of lid and bottom

cardboard packaging tubes

Different Edge

The difference of each cardboard packaging tubes is different edge, rolled and plain.

Rolled Edge

cardboard packaging tubes

Flat Edge

Shaped Edge

cardboard tubes packaging

Different lids of cardboard cylinder box

You could choose different lids, paper lid, metal lid, plastic lid, plain lid, and rolled lid.

Paper Lid

cardboard tubes packaging

Plastic Lid

plastic lid

Metal Lid

metal lid

Different Materials

The core of cardboard packaging tubes is made by kraft paper, it include white and black kraft paper. Outside paper could be kraft paper, coated paper, special paper..etc

Kraft Paper Tube

cardboard tubes packaging

Leather Paper Tube

cardboard tubes packaging

Ready-Made Cardboard Packaging Tubes

If you need small quantity below our MOQ of custom, we suggest you choose our ready made paper tubes. We provide the sizes of paper tubes for your choice.

The diameter and height for your reference will be provided from our sales representative.

How My Process Work

Share your size

The size of paper tube is height and diameter. And you could also share your favorite structure.

Fill design into

Our team will help to make a custom template for your designer, who could insert design into.

Custom Sample To Check

Working room will help to make a custom sample, to make sure it's same as you want.

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