The Structure Of Paper Tubes

The paper tubes could be divided into different structure. It could be counted as 2 parts of tube, 3 parts of tube, and the tube body with lid. Also, it include one paper end with one lid. And 2 ends will be plastic lids, or metal lids. We list it one by one to help you make it clear.

3 Parts structure of tubes

When you feel the body of tube is not strong enough, we could make it more thicker. The solution is that adding one kraft paper tube into the tube, meanwhile glue them together to strong the body.

paper packaging tubes
cardboard tubes packaging

2 Parts structure of tubes

In order to make the structure more simple, we could set 2 parts, one for lid and another for bottom, which have same height. Both the body could be printed, meanwhile you could die cut shape.

cardboard packaging tubes
structure of tubes

Tube Body With Lid

If you need more options for structure of tubes, we could change the lid into different materials, suchas plastic ends, metal lids..etc.

Tube Body With 2 Sides

structure of tubes

Tube Body With 1 Side

structure of tubes

Transparent body and shaped body

In order to make the paper tube more attractive, we could help you design the body of paper tube as transparent plastic or shaped body, or else more good imagine you have. Meanwhile, it’s more supportable and strong.

Transparent plastic body

structure of tubes

Shaped tube body

cardboard tubes packaging
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