5 Best And Most Used Material For Paper Tubes

Maybe you are confused and don’t know what material is best for your paper tubes when you want to decorate your packaging tube. Our team introduce 6 different and use frequently material for your reference. Due to different part of paper tube need different material to make, so please take attention to where this material to be used. For example, kraft cardboard only to be used as inner tube, and the coated paper is used for surface of paper tubes.

material for paper tubes

Material for paper tubes - Printed coated paper

Coated paper is coated with a layer of coating color on the base paper, so that the paper has good optical properties and printing performance. It’s common to be used for publishing papers such as printing magazines and books, and printing papers such as trademarks, packaging, and product catalogs. The ratio of the two is about 1:3. Coated paper can be divided into: glossy coated paper, matte coated paper, light weight coated paper, in addition to special coated paper such as burnt coated paper. It’s best choice when you need print colors on your paper tube.

material for paper tubes

Material for paper tubes - Kraft paper

It is coated with a thin coating layer on the basis of Bainiu cardboard. The coating uses an air knife coating method that can treat the surface of the paper very smoothly. It not only has the printing advantages of coated paper, but also has the characteristics of easy printing on white cow cardboard. 

Since the lightly coated coating is very thin, the thin coating will not easily break and drop powder, and the coating can be kept very uniform. The high-quality paint mainly made of china clay can make ink and wash better adsorb on the paper surface. The ink after printing on such paper can be quickly dried in a short time. The ink drying quickly can improve the printing production efficiency. It can even be directly printed and lined and slotted. 

special paper

Material for paper tubes - Special paper

Specialty paper is made from different fibers using a paper machine to make paper with special functions. For example, synthetic fibers, synthetic pulp or mixed wood pulp are used alone, and different materials are used for modification or processing to give the paper different functions and uses. , Such as: household, building materials, electrical products, industrial filters, machinery industry, agriculture, information, optics, culture and art, biochemical cutting-edge technology, etc., as long as it is paper for special purposes , All collectively referred to as specialty paper.

And these specialty paper could accept many surface finishing, such as gold foil stamp, spot uv, embossing, debosing…etc.

material for paper tubes

White cardboard paper

A single-layer or multi-layer combined paper made entirely of bleached chemical pulping and fully sizing is suitable for printing and product packaging, and the general basis weight is above 150g/㎡. The characteristics of this paper jam are: high smoothness, good stiffness, neat appearance and good evenness. Can be used for business cards, menus or similar products, such as paper tubes. White cardboard is a kind of white cardboard made of thick, firm, pure and high-quality wood pulp. It is calendered or embossed. It is mainly used for printing substrates for packaging and decoration.

Material for paper tubes - Kraft cardboard

Kraft cardboard is a kind of cardboard used to make stronger cartons. It is called cardboard paper in our country. It can replace wooden boxes for packaging goods, and its volume and weight are smaller than wooden boxes.And light, is one of the main types of packaging paper in my country. Imports account for about 10% of packaging paper. Domestic cardboard paper is generally divided into four grades: U, A, B, and C. U-level is equivalent to the international advanced level, A-level is the international general level, and B-level is the domestic general level. Kraft cardboard is mainly used in the domestic packaging of knitted cotton fabrics, daily necessities, hardware and electrical products and export commodities.

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