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Cardboard Tube For Poster

2 Steps To Know Cardboard Tube For Poster

cardboard tube for poster

Step 1: What’s the cardboard paper tube for poster?

Due to the poster can’t be folded and be safe during delivery, factory trim the paper tube into size as poster and then put the poster inside. To be brand, it could be printed colorfully on outside with logo and other business information. Then there be a new tube called cardboard paper tube for poster.

Step 2: The structure of cardboard paper tube for poster

The structure of cardboard paper tube for poster could be 3 parts and one part. We will explain details as below.

3 Parts of cardboard tube for poster

This structure have 3 parts, printed outside paper, outer cardboard tube, inner cardboard tube, and the belt. As right, the custom paper tubes are designed & made for posters packaging of Postche. The logo is on the surface paper and top of paper tube. Inner cardboard tube is thicker material than common, due to the length of this poster tubing is 900mm. And the belt is made in Germany, we assemble it in China and delivery the whole cardboard tubes to Europe.

1 Part of cardboard tube for poster

This structue is easy to do and also have a lower cost. Just trim the raft cardboard tubes into the size matched with the poster, then use 2 hats into ends. Normally, there is no any printing on, and you could paste a label on it. For the lid, you could use metal material and plastic material.

cardboard tube for poster

Normally, the clients want to build the cardboard tubes for posters in lower cost, so they choose the simple solution. The most important of this simple solution that the diameter should be ready to make, you know, it’s very expensive to open a new die cut to make the custom lid.

Advantage:Cheap cost when have no much customized requirements on

Disadvantage:There is diameter size limited by cost, due to custom size of lid is very expensive.

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