Delivery Services

Delivery Services

Most paper tubes are suggested by sea, due to empty paper tubes have big volume, which is cheapest by sea.

By Sea

Cheapest way to delivery from China. And need long time on the way.

By Air

The speed is most fast, but the cost is also the highest than other twos.

By Train

It need around similar time as delivery by sea, but it could delivery directly to your door.

Delivery services by sea

CIF term

This services is sent the goods to the unloading port. Such as CIF Miami, it means the goods will be sent to Miami port. The receiver need to do custom clean and pick up goods to their stock. This services will be charged by volume.

Door to door services

Door to door services means the shipping company will collect the paper tubes from our working room and ship it to the unloading port. Then shipping agent will employ truck or express company to send to your address. This services will be charged via each kg.

Delivery services by air

Delivery by express

The common delivery by air is sent by express, such as DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT..etc. It's best to use this services when the weight or volume is not too big, due to expensive delivery cost.

Delivery to the airport

To airport is used when you need the goods urgently and the volume / weight is big. The time is similar as courier, and the delivery cost is less than delivery by express.

Delivery services by train

This services have a little fast than delivery by sea, and cost is a bit higher than freight cost. 

The limited conditionals is it only could be delivery to Asia, Europe, which have trails on land to China.

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