Packaging Services

We offer a wide range of packaging services for delivery by air and freight. All step are intended to ship safely.

Packaging Services For Delivery By Sea

Packaging Services

Export Cartons

K=K standard cartons we used for packaging cartons are enough strong, in case of being expressed during shipping. And you could print your brand on, or information about your products.

Packaging Services

Plastic Pallets

Pallets run a very important role to move the cartons together by machines when it arrive at your local. Meanwhile, it could proteact the cartons don’t be collided to bad.

Packaging Services

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are helpful when your local don’t like the plastic pallets. Don’t be worry, all the wood pallets we used is not raw wood, which is accepted by your local custom.

Packaging For Delivery By Air

Packaging Services

Double Layers Cartons

Delivery by air don’t allowe pallets packaging. So we book 2 layers cartons to make sure the paper tubes are safe, eventhough the outside cartons are damaged on the way.

Packaging Services

Corner Protected

For the 2 layers cartons, the corner are easy to be collided each other during delivery. So we leave solid plastic corner to protect it don’t be destoried during shipping.

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