Ultimate Guide to Paper Tube Packaging: Types, Customization

If you wanna a nice paper tube packaging and have no knowledge about it. Don’t hesitate to read carefully as below.

By Kevin | Apapertube
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    First: What's paper tube packaging?

    Paper packaging tubes are rolled by 100% recycled raw material of kraft paper or white card paper . Machines glue 3 or 5 layers of paper together and roll them by the metal mold, which could have customized length and diameter. Then workers cut them into the size to match your products. Here we take a video to show you how the custom cardboard cylinder paper tubes to be made.

    “The material of paper tube core could be customized as per your requirements. Normally, it is white card paper, kraft paper tube, grey paper, or more card papers”

    Second: Benefits and Advantages

    • It can be easily reused and recycled.

    • They are flexible and strong. These cardboard cylinder tubes are made with durable cardboard from sturdy kraft paper, with 2mm thickness indestructible wall can resistant to crushing and won’t out of shape to keep your product safe packed inside and can be used as shipping or mailing tube boxes, they are capable to protect the goods inside during shipment.

    • The cylindrical shape of the tube enables it to contain items which are preferably not folded, such as artwork, maps, posters, and blueprints. Attached a poster holder of Posche car as below:

    • When used in food paper tube packaging, the use of Lining paper as a liner, custom packaging is safe and fresh

    Third: Types and Varieties

    The cylinder structure style is the main thing you have to think about paper tube bundling. There is four principle tube structure, shift from 3-pcs and 2-piece parts to make up the cylinder bundling.From the external base, inward neck to top cover, their length can be changed as required. 

    And every one of them can be enveloped by various shading printed paper to come out beautiful planned cardboard cylinder bundling boxes. It’s anything but difficult to see their structure contrast in the underneath 4 pictures.

    3.1 Structure of paper tubes

    3 pcs structure of paper tube packaging

    This kind of paper tube have 3 parts, lid, bottom, and inner tube. And the part of bottom have 2 layers. The collar you see is made by a thinner paper tube, which is longer than body and glued with tube body together. The lid of this one is shorter, and also you could custom the bottom is shorter than lid. 

    2 pcs structure of paper tube packaging

    2-piece structure only have 2 parts, include lid and bottom. Normally, the part of bottom is a little longer than top lid, in order to lift off easy as shown as below. Different from the 3-piece cardboard tube structure styles, it save material. Then the weight will be less little than 2-piece structure.

    3.2 Different edges of paper tube packaging

    There are two different treatments for opening edge of paper packaging tubes. The one have a round rolled edge and another edge is a smoothly cut opening. 

    The difference, except looks, the rolled edge could hide the color of tube. As the picture shown, the color of tube is coved by outside paper. For the cut opening style, there have no covered paper outside the inner tube.

    3.3 Different material lids for custom cardboard cylinder tubes packaging

    For custom paper tubes, there are 4 different kinds of lids are available for choice. Paper lid, metal lid, PVC lid and plastic lid.

    • Paper lid: you could custom printing or outlight your logo on it.
    • Metal lid: it could hold much heavier good inside.
    • PVC lid: it’s transparent and you could see the inside through the lid.
    • Plastic lid: it have a lower cost and easy to assemble.

    3.4 Different inner paper tube packaging

    1. Kraft inner tube: made by glued kraft paper, as 1st picture.
    2. White cardboard inner: made by c1s cardboard, which is more expensive than kraft paper
    3. Printed paper inner: printed 157gsm or 200gsm paper to wrap
    4. Gold or silver paper tube: this choice is more luxury to decorate the collar of tube.

    Which material is used depends on how luxury about the products inside. For example, perfume packaging is worth more cost to do.

    3.5 Different inlay to hold the products

    You can pick plastic or froth addition to put inside the cardboard cylinders to best accommodate your item, for example, fundamental oil bottles, so they won’t move around in the cylinders if the cylinder has some additional room inside.

    The froth shading can be white EVA froth, dark froth and dim shading, they are the most widely recognized utilized. Once in a while the paperboard embed is additionally applied.

    Forth: Customization and Branding

    The most useful solution is the printing and surface finishing, except using different materials. And different printing, different surface finishing is also need the professional suggestion to do. Some times, some surface finishing is not suit to the material you want. Please view and contact.

    4.1 Custom printing for paper tubes

    Offset printing. Printed by Herderberg printing machine. CMYK or PMS color.

    Screen printing: it is used for small copies and special area which is not suit to offset printing.

    Digital printing: normally it is used for sample / proof printing.

    4.2 Custom surface finishing

    Varnishing: glossy varnishing or matte varnishing

    Stamp foil: gold or silver stamp foil

    Spot UV: glossy spot uv

    Fifth: Uses and Applications

    The round state of chamber tubes is their points of interest to more readily fit round jug, can, container compartments than other rectangular paper container boxes.

    For example, T-shirt garments pressing, fundamental oil bottle, vape cartridges, vape pens pressing, aroma bottle, red wine jug and candles and so on.

    5.1. Candle gift box

    Cardboard round chamber tubes are a decent decision for pressing high quality candles, you can put candles legitimately in the cylinder bundling, likewise you can put your flame container into it. These Kraft or exceptionally printed cylinders can assist you with advancing your candles.

    5.2. Perfume bottles paper tube packaging

    Custom round packaging box are safe and luxury to carry perfume. Inside the tube, we leave a foam around to protect the body of bottle.And your could do custom printing on it to outstand your logo.

    5.3. Underwear Cloth Paper Tube Packaging

    These cardboard cylinder bundling suit for pressing retail garments like T-shirts, clothing by rolled these garments to a round bar and can undoubtedly fit them into the custom size cylinders to show in the shop racks with printed pictures on the cylinder outside.

    5.4. Gloves Tube Packaging

    High level gloves could be packed into cardboard tubes as below, which is best way to protect the gloves to be damaged when you don’t use them. Also, suggest it is not used for cheap gloves due to its cost.

    paper tube packaging

    5.5. LED Light Packaging

    Custom cardboard tubes are best choice for LED light tubes, due to the tube is easy to be broken. The cindly shape protect the tube be hit each other during delivery.

    5.6. Boadgame Box

    The round printed paper tube could be usded as packaging box for boardgame. The round shape could make the boardgame more attractive than ruglar shape boxes.

    5.7. Hair Straightener

    Put a EVA circle the top and bottom of hair straightener, then it is fixed inside of custom cardboard tubes. So it’s safe to ship and delivery by express. Also it is same function for packaging of other electronics.

    5.8. Cylinder tube packaging for oil dropper bottle

    We could make the diameter into 2cm or 1cm to hold the small oil or lipstick. Also we will place EVA or foam inlay to hold the bottle.

    5.9. Custom paper tube for wine glass bottle packing

    The cardboard cylinder is additionally an ideal bundling for wine glass bottle, luxry red wine merchants like to pack their wines in the cylinders bundling rather than ordinary boxes. With premium printing and finish make the bundling looks extravagance for your wines.

    Sixth: Common size about cardboard tubes?

    The cost of cardboard tubes depends on points as below and we have common size for your reference as below:

    1, Height: normally it’s over 10cm

    2, Diameter: our available moudle is from 20mm to 130mm

    3, Quantity: the MOQ of paper tube is 500pcs

    Diameter(mm) Height(mm) Thickness(mm) Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
    36 10-200 1-15 68 10-200 1-15
    38 10-200 1-15 70 10-200 1-15
    40 10-200 1-15 73 10-200 1-15
    42 10-200 1-15 76 10-200 1-15
    45 10-200 1-15 76.5 10-200 1-15
    51 10-200 1-15 83 10-200 1-15
    52 10-200 1-15 88 10-200 1-15
    58 10-200 1-15 90 10-200 1-15
    60 10-200 1-15 99 10-200 1-15
    64 10-200 1-15 126 10-200 1-15
    65 10-200 1-15 153 10-200 1-15

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